Wunzo : New Generation NFT & DAO for Online Games

The presence of the Decentralized App (DAPP) gives a lot of new hope to the Game industry, as we already know in the Game industry today, the majority of games currently circulating are online games with a centralized system, this centralized system means that all data, both logins and passwords are stored on servers. and controlled by the administrator or owner of the game (Items, logins, passwords, and virtual money are all regulated by the game administrator), but unlike the Blockchain Game and Dapp concept, there is no data stored and controlled by the administrator or game owner/manager. the.

Either way, Wunzo combines both aspects to finally set the perfect base for anyone who wants to delve into the amazing world of digital currencies.

Wunzo presents an enhanced concept through a mix of traditional Defi apps and game concepts. Wunzo tries to drive excellence by developing a platform that offers users a competitive reward mechanism with NFT that generates passive income for users. Along with a reformed DAO that offers users a portion of the platform’s revenue.

How Does it Work?

Wunzo establishes the circular economy that meets the growing need for transparency and trust generating a healthy ecosystem for steady token value.

When Rollers play games to generate income they make use of NFT tables, which produce profits for both Croupires and platform, allowing to transfer some portion to Shareholders Who have staking their tokens in order to increase the value of Wunzo’s exclusive items. These items are offered to Rollers to compensate for their losses.

Features of Wunzo

  1. Jackpot — Wunzo’s Jackpot provides a fun way to turn a small amount of digital currency into a life-changing pile of money. In Jackpot, you may want to put on your magical lucky hat.
  2. Clash — Clash is a monthly tournament for Ludo and Poker in which rollers compete till the final phase to pull off the largest chunk.
  3. Bots — One of the most unique features of this multi-level platform is Bots, Users can create amazing bots using Wunzo’s open API, Whether it is for personal use or for public paid use. Bots are AI that can perform a number of useful automated activities such as strategies, so even you are not around you can just set one or various bots to play on your behalf. The best thing about the Bot is they can be purchased so it is a great opportunity for developers to place their bots in Wunzo’s store for public use in exchange for a price that they set in advance.

Wunzo Ecosystem

Wunzo Basics

  • Wunzo Games — For starters, the specialty games are Ludo and Poker with the next ones most likely recommended by platform users. The games will not be like other hit and run games, but rather in the sense of a large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players compete to be the last standing role. Only one lucky winner will emerge as the winner.
  • Wunzo Table — Given that NFT has captured the interest of crypto investors around the world. The table will be NFT which can be bought and traded on the Wunzo platform or any other platform. These tables are the only playground in Wunzo where players queue for games like Ludo or Poker. Each table can be set by the owner.
  • Wunzo Tip Jar — Wunzo receives one percent of all prize revenue, half of which is transferred to Wunzos Tip Jar as the main source of shareholder income.

The Wunzo Ecosystem is classified into three sections Rollers, Croupires, and Shareholders. With their own methods as they interact with each other to build a powerful valuable ecosystem.

Wunzo tokens

WNZ is the Wunzo ecosystem platform token used on the Binance smart chain. WNZ is one of the main currencies used to unlock Wunzo features.

  • Token Name: Wunzo
  • Ticker Token: WNZ
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 50,000,000 WNZ


  • We have written a white paper for our project and explained its different parts.
  • We have created the main website for the platform which contains all the information about the project.
  • We uploaded an instructional video about the project.
  • We define a roadmap and timeline of each step.
  • We started developing the beta version of the platform.
  • Pre-announcement of the project and the creation of our community (suggestions considered).
  • Deploy a beta version of the platform on the blockchain for community testing.
  • Launched the platform on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC).
  • Launch of the first token sale and table.
  • The official launch of the platform.
  • Promote the project through social media and other networks.
  • Augmentation of stacking tools (Shareholders can start stacking WNZ).
  • Launched a platform on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Launched the teleportation system.


It is also destined to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing the opportunity to create decentralized games. The idea behind Wunzo is to create decentralized games where users make an income by competing against each other in a verifiable transparent infrastructure using blockchain. Wunzo is a decentralized app built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a fast and low-cost alternative to Ethereum. The primary argument for developing Wunzo on BSC is the current high ETH gas fee.‌

Keep updated on our progress by following us on our social media:

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Reddit: reddit.com/r/Wunzo

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